UV-C LEDs against Covid 19 to sanitize the environment

To sanitize environments from Covid 19, the use of UV-C LED light is becoming increasingly popular. The antiviral power of light in fact sanitizes environments such as hospital rooms, public transport, offices and company warehouses and all surfaces where the virus could stop. It has been proven that the major infections from Covid 19 – Coronavirus occur in fact through the airways and through infected surfaces that are touched by hands which are then brought closer to the human airways.

In the history of viruses such as SARS and MERS we already have evidence of the use of UV-C LEDs available HERE 

Even in the sanitation of masks, UV-C LEDs can be fundamental in dealing with a pandemic. The possible reuse of a mask in a time of difficult worldwide availability could in fact solve the lack of numbers necessary for the distribution to the population of this tool of defense against Covid 19.

From wikipedia the UV-C LEDs

LEDs, from the English Light-emitting diode, can be manufactured to emit radiation in the ultraviolet range. The efficiency of these devices is about 5-8% at 365 nm, at 395 nm it is more than 20%, while at longer wavelengths they can be even more efficient. There are early applications of LEDs, for example in digital printing or UV curing environments, and they are very efficient. LEDs can be created with a power density that can almost reach 3 W / cm2 (30 kW / m2); together with the most recent developments in photoinitiators, it will be possible to create materials composed of UV LEDs.

UVC LEDs are used for disinfection and as a source to replace the deuterium lamp in high performance liquid chromatography

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