Advantages of A.R.I.A. UVC LED

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Because the wavelength at which ozone is produced is 185 nm, our UVC LEDs emit at 275 nm. They are safe and allow you to stay inside the room even during the disinfection cycle without having to wait.

In suction or air treatment systems, the filters are the parts most subject to cleaning or replacement. Up in the air. there are no filters and this makes the device silent and adaptable to all situations. XLITE SRL recommends replacing the UVC LED cartridges every 3 years (or every 26,000 hours of continuous operation) or checking the UVC LED sources at an authorized XLITE SRL center.

The battery life of A.R.I.A. 30 vehicles is 2 hours in continuous operation. The device can also be used during charging, attached to the cigarette lighter socket, thanks to the special USB cable included in the package.

Depending on the version purchased, the brackets for ceiling installation, wall installation or floor support will be included in the package. The various accessories for fixing can also be purchased separately. For info contact us at [email protected] The assembly instructions are included in the User Manual in the package or can be downloaded from the website.

Some examples of volumes that can be handled by the individual devices are shown in the user manual. XLITE SRL is able to support the customer in any request, creating ad hoc simulations according to the volumes, the conformation of the room and the number of people present. For info contact us on [email protected]

Some laboratory tests are present on the site and can be downloaded and consulted. The XLITE SRL technical department and quality department continuously perform monitoring tests on their products. For further needs contact us on [email protected]

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