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Appliance Regenerates and Sanitizes Air​



The UVC LEDs present inside the A.R.I.A. inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms by acting directly on the DNA or RNA of viruses, bacteria, molds, yeasts and spores present in the environment.
A.R.I.A. systems UVC LEDs exploit this principle to contain and reduce the microbiological load present in any environment. For small premises A.R.I.A. 30m3 / h , with rechargeable battery, is an excellent solution while for large rooms or with a high concentration of people, the 100m3 / h device is recommended. Disinfection cycles can be carried out in the presence of man .



Our UVC LEDs technology has been extensively tested and certified for its effectiveness. Tests were conducted following the requirements of the UNI-EN ISO 15714.2019 standard. Test organisms included: viruses, gram positive bacteria, gram negative bacteria, and fungi. The treatment results obtained showed disinfection values up to 99.9% *. are a guarantee of the device's ability to break down a wide range of microorganisms with equal effectiveness.

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