Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the public administration sectors that have received the most funding are Healthcare and Education, but investment choices for the education sector have often been the subject of criticism.
At the end of the year, the appeal of Patrizio Veronelli, secretary of the Italian confederation of pediatricians – Cipe del Lazio arrived: “We have witnessed the waste of public money for the purchase of wheelchair benches: now let’s move on to protect health effectively, through the supply of devices necessary to raise the level of safety in the fundamental context of the school “. Pediatricians in Lazio are clamoring for the supply of forced ventilation devices for air purification and sanitation. A solution that would avoid keeping the windows open in the classroom, thus exposing children to colds and bronchitis.
Adds Veronelli “We are in the middle of winter and, in addition to having to face the rise in the covid curve, in our pediatric studies we see an increase in bronchitis and acute diseases of the respiratory system. It is necessary and urgent to equip schools with purifiers capable of filtering the air in the classroom: children and teenagers cannot sit for hours, exposed to the cold. Moreover, a fever or bronchitis these days, greatly complicate the diagnosis due to the coronavirus “.


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