A.R.I.A. sanitizer in schools

The cold months coincide with the months in which mostly children go to school and the fear that new outbreaks of Sars-Cov2 infection may form is strong. Precisely for this reason we are turning our products, from easy installation to many Italian schools.

Such environments, such as offices, clinics, gyms etc., must be safe in order to allow everyone to live, work and study while minimizing the dangers.

AIR. uses UV-C LED technology to reduce the microbiological load present in the air, without interfering with people’s habits

Features A.R.I.A. UV-C Led

– Sanitizing action with air recirculation (30m3 / h or 100m3 / h)
– Effective on viruses, fungi and bacteria
– No UV-C, ozone or other pollutants emissions
– Possibility of use in the presence of people
– No maintenance costs
– UNI EN ISO15714: 2019 and EN 60335-2-65: 2013 certified
– No filters to clean or dispose of, no mold allergies
– Quiet: 25dB
– Very low energy consumption
– Eco friendly

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