Do you want to sanitize the air in your rooms? The solution is A.R.I.A. UV-C LED

In the last year, the topic of UVC disinfection has become very popular. Not many know in depth this technology which can be the right solution for any air sanitation need. A.R.I.A. sanitizers UV-C LEDs arise from the need to live, work, stop and travel in healthy environments. AIR. UV-C LED guarantees:

Microbiologically tested efficacy on all types of microorganisms

No production of harmful substances or radiation.

An ecological system, which consumes little and has no maintenance costs.

A versatile and easily transportable system.

Latest generation germicidal technology.

Air plays a significant role in the transmission of diseases and this is why A.R.I.A. UV-C LEDs are becoming more and more fundamental for the UVC disinfection of environments.

Read here the manuals, technical sheets and certificates of the A.R.I.A. UVC LED

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