Is it better to sanitize with ozone or with UV LEDs?

Ozone is a gas composed of unstable oxygen molecules with a pungent odor and highly reactive.

In homes it can be significantly emitted by high-voltage electrical tools, such as electric motors, laser printers and fax machines, by filters to clean the air that are not properly installed or without adequate maintenance, but also by devices that produce ultraviolet rays (Do not give Fuocofreddo UV-C LED !!).

Ozone can cause irritating effects on the ocular mucous membranes and the upper airways, cough, bronchostructive phenomena and impaired respiratory function.

Fuocofreddo UV-C LEDs do not produce Ozone, in fact the wavelength of 275 nm does not generate any type of substance harmful to humans and this means that Fuocofreddo products can be used, always with the right precautions, in any environment.

With A.R.I.A. LED UVC you can protect yourself and your family

For more information: Legislative Decree 13 August 2010, n. 155, in transposition of the Air Quality Directive
Environment and Cleaner Air for Europe n. 50/2008 of 21 May 2008

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